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Hikvision Swing Barrier DS-K3B801А-L/M DS-K3B801А-L/M

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Нет в наличииКод: 99-00000975
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Hikvision Swing Barrier DS-K3B801А-L/M DS-K3B801А-L/M
Hikvision Swing Barrier DS-K3B801А-L/M DS-K3B801А-L/M Нет в наличии
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Hikvision Swing Barrier DS-K3B801А-L/M DS-K3B801А-L/M

The swing barrier with two barriers and 24 pairs of IR lights is designed to detect unauthorized entrance or exit. By adopting the swing barrier integrated with the access control system, person should autenticate to pass through the lane via swiping IC or ID card, scanning QR code, etc. It is widely used in attractions stadiums, consyruction sites, residences, etc.

• 32-bit high-speed processor
• TCP/IP network communication The communication data is specially encrypted to relieve the concern of privacy leak
• Permissions validation and tailgating
• Remaining open/closed mode selectable
• Bidirectional (_x001C_Entering/Exiting) lane The barrier opening and closing speed can be configured according to the visitors flow
• The barrier will be locked or stop working when people are nipped
• _x0004_Anti-forced-accessing
The barrier will be locked automatically without open-barrier signal. It can bear the force of up to 120 Nm.
• Self-detection, Self-diagno0stics and automatic alarm
• Audible and visual alarm will be triggered when detecting intrusion, tailgating reverse passing, climbing over barrier, and overstay
• IP conflict detection
• Remote control and management
• Online/offline operation
• LED indicates the entrance/exit and light bar indicates passing status
• Barrier is in free status when powered down; If the device is installed with lithium battery (optional)͕ the barrier remains open when powered down
• Fire alarm passing. When the fire alarm is triggered, the barrier will be open automatically a for emergency evacuation
• Valid passing duration settings. System will cancel the passing permission if a person does not pass through the lane within the valid passing duration
• Opens/closes barrier according to the schedule template
• Adds up to 3000 visitor cards and up to 60,000 cards except for visitor cards
• Stores up to 180000 card swiping records

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Артикул 99-00000975
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Модель DS-K3B801А-L/M
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